Welcome to the Photo Archives of JOHN AARON and the global chalk art project CHALK4PEACE. CHALK4PEACE, Inc. is the 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that guides, organizes & promotes a global chalk painting project as a creative approach to peace, justice and reconciliation. Our documentary film, "CHALK4PEACE: Drawing FergUSon Together" traces the origins of CHALK4PEACE from a neighborhood sidewalk chalk project for kids into a global peace movement and the Healing ceremony at the Social Justice Summit, "Drawing FergUSon Together- A Vision of Peace" at the St. Louis Community College, Florissant Valley in Ferguson, Missouri Sept. 18-19, 2015. We attended and documented the events, and are currently in production, which includes editing almost 20 hours of video and selecting from more than 5,000 slides in addition to all the other tasks necessary to make a compelling film. A short video on fundraising for the film campaign:

Contributions to the Film Fund are ongoing and can be made directly to CHALK4PEACE, Inc. through our secure PayPal Donation program at Credit cards accepted.

CHALK4PEACE celebrates its tenth year in 2015 as a global peace project. Please visit the galleries below. CHALK4PEACE links: Blog: email:
cell: 8058618546 Twitter: @chalk4peace skype: johnchalk4peace
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Every week we feature a CHALK4PEACE gallery of one of our mighty CHALKSTAR venues...
This week's gallery: Groveton School, Alexandria, VA US; Marielle Mariano,
East Coast C4P Cordinator, has been leading the Groveton Tigers in
CHALK4PEACE for the past seven years!

Several galleries are dedicated to John's career as a sculptor and painter over 30 years. Author blog: Romancing The Smoke:


CHALK4PEACE 2008<br />
Barcroft Elementary School, Arlington, VA<br />
photo: Alissa Karton